The Christmas Show

Mal Bellairs’ Christmas Show is a tradition for many Chicagoans. As Mal describes in this 1998 airing of his show, he started the show in 1955 at WBBM. Later, he continued the show at WIVS, his station in Crystal Lake. Mal describes the music here as the real music of Christmas. The tradition can now continue on the internet.

You can listen to that show here. Merry Christmas!

Here are some of the album covers from the LPs Mal used.

We have added different years to our collection of Christmas shows:

The tradition of the Christmas show started at WBBM. Click here to hear earlier versions.
This show was done at WIVS/WXRD on December 21, 1975.
The 1998 show was done after Mal had been retired for a number of years. But Christmas was enough for him to bring you his show yet again.

1998 – The Last Show

We have created a separate track for each of the songs to make it easier for you to recognize and select your favorite carols.

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  1. Wayne Zawila

    I’m 63 now and I think every Sunday before Christmas was spent listen to the Christmas show

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