Early Chicago TV

Close Up TV

In 1954 Mal was doing some TV. This is audio from the show “Close Up” that he hosted. The audio is from the “pretty little girl” sketch. If I recall correctly, Dad did this sketch wearing a zoot suit. I think this show may have been a favorite of his. He kept the artwork slides for this sketch on the walls of his home, even when he moved to Woodstock, 60 years later. You can tell from his reading that he was having a good time.

I have no idea how long the show was on the air; not long I suppose. Close Up was an early evening variety show. Shortly after this he went back to radio to stay.


In 1995 Mal spoke at the Midwest Broadcast Museum

Dad got a chance to stand up and talk to a group of Chicagoland broadcasters about his life. He talked about his early years in Wyoming, his discovery of Chicago and acting. He talks about future greats he got to know at the Pasadena Playhouse and his service during...


What’s the Answer?

Mal hosted a quiz show for high school students on early Chicago TV. The program ran in the early 50’s and was sponsored by Salerno cookies. In fact the score was kept by stacking up boxes of cookies. If I recall correctly the losers got to take home their...


What’s Your Trouble?

In about 1951 Mal and Jo put together a TV show that collected hard luck stories and found ways to try to help. After Mal died we heard from someone who had been touched by the show “What’s Your Trouble?”