Christmas Eve 1958

Christmas was Mal’s favorite time of the year. Christmas trees needed to be taller than the ceiling. Decorations had to be everywhere. Dad loved to bring people into his home, so decorating for Christmas was a big deal. A trip to Marshall Fields was a regular highlight.

In 1958 Mal taped a special “Lucky Ladies” show from his family home in Wilmette. Instead of handing out silver dollars to fans in a supermarket, he talked to his mother (Dammy), Jo, and the kids about getting ready for Christmas. As you will hear, the show was entirely unscripted – no child actors reading rehearsed lines for Mal.

(This appears to have been recorded off a master tape, so there are a few seconds of dead air at the beginning.)

2 comments on “Christmas Eve 1958

  1. william avorio

    Very nice audio of a great man and his family.
    Christmas was a very important time of year to him and those who tuned in as well.

  2. Tom Duvoisin

    This is cool stuff. .Wow 1958…I was born December 22, 1959, first Christmas for me in Wilmette was 1972.

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