WIVS Christmas

Christmas Card from WIVS

Christmas Card from WIVS

When Mal moved to WIVS in Crystal Lake, he took his Christmas albums with him. Here are two shows, one from 1975 and the other 1977.

WIVS/WXRD — 1975

Do you want to go back in time? The next set of tracks is Mal’s 21st Christmas Show, done December 21, 1975 on WIVS and WXRD. This show ends as Mal signs off WIVS (sunset, you know) and throws it to Kim at WXRD. (Todd reported that there were many tape breaks in the 4 o’clock hour and obvious deterioration in the last track.)

A lot had happened by 1977. Jo had lost her struggle with breast cancer. Mal and Maria, each of whom had lost their first spouses, were married, and the Bellairs and Henslee families were blended. But of course nothing would change the need for the annual Christmas show.