Irish Radio Shows

Mal and Jo did a number of shows about Ireland. The shows range from the time they were just exploring on until they were at home in Ireland. Most of these shows were broadcast on WIVS in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Planning a trip to Ireland:

Mal and Jo sat at home in Woodstock and spent an hour going over how to plan a trip to Ireland.


Sounds of a trip to Ireland:

In 1970 Mal and Jo took a trip to Ireland, starting in Dublin and stopping in at a singing pub. Both were actors in their careers and made a pilgrimage to Abbey Theatre.

Interview with the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makhem on St. Patrick’s Day:

Tommy and the Clancys became great friends of Mal’s. One St. Patrick’s Day he had them in the studio in Chicago, just to chat.


Interview at Gaelic Imports in Chicago:

Mal and Jo had a radio show called “Mal & Jo On the Go”. In 1968 they stopped in at a shop in Chicago that specialized in Gaelic imports.


Interview the Mayor of Galway:

In 1984, when Mal was practically Irish himself, the Mayor of Galway was in Chicago and did an interview with Mal.


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