Mal at Arthur Godfrey’s Desk

Mal, Jo and kids at Arthur Godfrey's desk - WCBS New York, 1966.

In 1966 Mal got called in to sub for Arthur Godfrey when he went to VietNam to entertain the troops. Mal’s son Keith happened to be in VietNam at that time, but he and Arthur did not meet up. Mal took the family for the week in New York.

Here is the recording of the first day on the coast to coast network from Arthur’s seat – August 15, 1966:

  • Mal’s 2d Day Hosting Arthur Godfrey Show - On Tuesday, Mal’s guests include Ed Ames and Helen Gurley Brown. Also, apparently, the Bellairs kids bought everything for sale at FAO Schwartz on 5th Ave. Greatest toy store ever. Mal makes it through discussing women’s sex lives with Gurley Brown and Ames sings “Try to Remember” from The Fantasticks. Godfrey pitches Lysol, diet pills […]
  • Arthur Godfrey Show – Thursday - Mal’s week on the Godfrey show continues with the Thursday tape. Apparently Wednesday is lost. Once again the taping ran long (Mal had a hard time stopping Tessie once she got going) and was edited for time. Program notes: Tessie O’Shea sings Two Ton Tessie and Maybe Its Because I’m a Londoner June Valli sings […]