Arthur Godfrey Show – Thursday

Mal, Jo and kids at Arthur Godfrey's desk - WCBS New York, 1966.

Mal, Jo and kids at Arthur Godfrey’s desk – WCBS New York, 1966.

Mal’s week on the Godfrey show continues with the Thursday tape. Apparently Wednesday is lost. Once again the taping ran long (Mal had a hard time stopping Tessie once she got going) and was edited for time.

Program notes:

  • Tessie O’Shea sings Two Ton Tessie and Maybe Its Because I’m a Londoner
  • June Valli sings By Myself
  • Richard Hayes – You’d Be So Nice to Come Home to
  • Dr Marvin J Girsch – child care book

Arthur’s commercials:

  • Miracle White
  • Fleischman’s margerine
  • Ocean Spray cranberry juice
  • home canning Kerr Jars
  • All Bran cereal
  • La Choi Chinese Foods – with poor/offensive Japanese dialect imitation
  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine

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